IP Voltmeter v 2.2

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IP Voltmeter v 2.2


3 analog inputs + 1 current sensor

IP voltmeter v2.2 is a device for measuring 3 voltages and current over the internet. These inputs are fully independent and allow to use this board for various applications.

This IP voltmeter is suitable for battery condition monitoring as it can measure current and voltage.

The current is measured by an external current probe. The current probe has a range up to 20 Amp DC.

Technical information.

Board size: 93 x 109 mm
Power supply: + 5V to + 28V DC
Current consumption : 77 mA / 12 V
Voltmeter measurig range: 0 - 70 V DC
Voltmeter resolution : 0.01 V
Speed measurement : 2 times/sec
Ammeter measurig range : 0 - 20 A DC
Ammeter resolution : 0.01 A
Ammeter impedance : 0.6 mOhm
Ammeter speed measurement : 2 times/sec

Version v2.2 is the same as v2.1, but v2.2 has an additional current sensor. For more information about the board see IP voltmeter v2.1

Current measurement

A current measurement is conducted using an external sensor, which is inserted into the circuit in a serial manner. The sensor operates on the basis of the Hall effect principle to measure the current.

The output of the sensor is a voltage that falls within the 0-5V range. This voltage is measured by an IP voltmeter and converted into current.

The output voltage of the sensor is electrically isolated from the circuit being measured, thereby preventing any impact on the IP voltmeter, and consequently enhancing measurement safety.

Instructions detailing how to connect and calibrate the sensor are available. Read More

current sensor

More information

Price : 63 USD/piece