TCP/IP voltmeter device
version v 1.5
TCP voltmeter
This TCP voltmeter is designed to measure DC voltage and transmit data over the Internet.
TCP/IP voltmeter version v 1.5 has 8x analog inputs (8x DC voltmeter)


TCP / IP voltmeter is a universal device for measuring DC voltage, which has a built-in web server. Thanks to this, the measured values can be transmitted via the Internet. The use is mainly in measuring and monitoring voltage at a distance. It is suitable e.g. for measuring batteries in solar systems and other devices that are powered by batteries.

The TCP / IP voltmeter has low power consumption ( 0.8 Watt ) and includes many advanced features such as storing data in the cloud or MySQL database and sending alerts in various situations.

TCP voltmeter TCP voltmeter TCP voltmeter TCP voltmeter TCP voltmeter TCP voltmeter

Technical parameters

  • Board size : 96 x 119 mm
  • Board supply voltage : + 5V to + 28V DC
  • Board current consumption : 77 mA / 12 V
  • Voltmeter measurig range : 0 - 70 V DC
  • Voltmeter resolution : 0.01 V
  • Voltmeter input impedance : 1 MOhm
  • Voltmeter speed measurement : 2 times/sec

TCP/IP Voltmeter features


Reading measured data Data can be read in different ways. Via web browser, TCP client, SNMP client... [more]


SNMP v2 Data can also be read via SNMP protocol. The device contains an SNMP agent v2...[more]


TCP server on port 9760 The TCP/IP voltmeter contains a TCP server that listens on port 9760. It is possible to read the measured data using a TCP client. [more]


Static and dynamic IP address The TCP voltmeter can have a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server or a static IP address can be set...[more]


Sending data to cloud ( Thingspeak ) Data can be sent to the cloud. The board contains a TCP client... [more]


Sending data to remote database TCP voltmeter contains a TCP client that can send data to a remote database using the POST method...[more]


Sending alert The device allows you to send an alert if the value of any voltage reaches a certain set value... [more]


Software and tools for experiments Tools for obtaining IP and MAC addresses and various software for communication with TCP voltmeter...[more]


The board contains a 3.3 V power supply, a 32-bit PIC32MX130 microprocessor, A/D converters, an optical I2C bus isolator and an ethernet controller. After connecting the ethernet cable and power supply, the board is ready for use.

The board is powered by an external voltage of 5 - 28V DC. Consumption is approximately 0.8 Watt. The analog inputs are galvanically separated from the rest of the board, so there are no problems with different GND potentials.

The board is designed for indoor use. For outdoor use, it is necessary to protect the device from water and high temperatures.

Price : 64 euro