Start workig with TCP/IP Voltmeter.

You can read data from TCP voltmeter in different ways. You can use a web browser or a TCP client or an SNMP client.
The easiest way is to use a web browser. In web browser type http://mchpboard/ or enter the IP address of the TCP voltmeter. For example You can use all known web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc ...

TCP voltmeter

You can get the IP address using the Microchip Discoverer.exe tool, which you can find in the tools.

This tool will show all IP addresses of TCP voltmeters that are connected to the network.

You can also use a TCP client or SNMP client to communicate with a TCP voltmeter (all versions). The TCP voltmeter has a built-in TCP server that listens on port 9760. More in chapter TCP server.

TCP voltmeter also includes SNMP agent v2. Data can also be read via SNMP protocol. More in the SNMP chapter.