Start working with IP voltmeter.

  • 1. Connect ethernet cable to TCP/IP voltmeter.
  • 2. Connect cables for voltmeter and ammeter to measuring device.
  • 3. Connect the power supply.
  • 4. Start web browser or other application.

When TCP/IP voltmeter is connected to the network and power is on, voltmeter will begin to send and receive packets. This is indicated by yellow and green LED diode. If both are blinking, then the voltmeter is working properly.

POWER LED diode indicates that the power supply is connected. The PROG LED indicates that the processor is working.

Start working
Start working - browser

To connect to the TCP/IP voltmeter, enter an address in the browser: http://mchpboard . It is also possible to connect via IP address.

You can check your local IP address with Microchip Ethernet Discover tool. This tool will show you your IP and MAC address. The procedure is described in another document.

IP voltmeter obtain dynamic IP address automatically when connected to the network ( it includes DHCP client ) or it may have a static IP address.

The IP address is obtained from the DHCP server. The board can also have a static IP address.