USB Voltmeter v 1.1

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USB Voltmeter v 1.1


1 analog input

USB voltmeter is a small module to measure DC voltage. The USB Voltmeter sends measured data to PC via USB and a computer displays the data on a monitor.

The voltmeter is supplied via USB cable and no external power supply is needed.

The software works with all versions of the windows operating system.

Technical information.

Board size: 50 x 50 mm
Power supply: + 5V from USB
USB connector : type B
Voltmeter measurig range: 0 - 70 V DC
Voltmeter resolution : 0.001 V
Speed measurement : 2 times/sec
Input impedance : 1 MOhm
Block diagram

Hardware description

USB voltmeter consists of A/D converter, optical isolator and PIC18F14K50 microprocessor. The A/D converter is galvanically isolated from the board. The result is a very stable measurement.

There is a voltage divider and an EMI filter at the input of the A/D converter. The voltmeter uses an 18-bit A/D converter with differential input, resulting in high accuracy and stable output.

Software and API

The PC software is a simple Windows application that displays the measured value. The software also allows you to store data in a csv file. The csv file can be opened in MS Excel for example.

API for this voltmeter is also supported. It is based on the .NET framework and you can use any programming language that .Net supports.

You can download the software and source code here.

Software for USB Voltmeter

Pouzitie je jednoduche. Pripoj USB voltmeter k pocitacu pomocou USB kabla, spust aplikaciu USB_voltmeter.exe a voltmeter zacne merat napatie.

Tu este nieco dopisem aby to bolo ok... When connected to the input connector, the sensor immediately sends the measured temperature.

Price : 29 USD/piece