cloud platform.

Applies to version : V 1.1, V 1.2, V 1.5

ThingSpeak is an cloud service that allows you to store, visualize and analyze your measured data.
You can also analyze and visualize your data with MATLAB or other software.

ThingSpeak also provides an extensive API for sending SMS, messages, alerts etc. It is available as a free service for non-commercial small projects ( <3 million messages/year or 8,200 messages/day ).

TCP voltmeter allows you to send measured data to this server using the POST method.

TCP voltmeter

Sending data to Thingspeak.

First you need to create an account on Thingspeak. You will find the exact procedure on many pages.

Set the parameters on the thingspeak.html page in the TCP voltmeter.

TCP voltmeter
1. Write URL: api.thingspeak.xom.
2. Write your API key for writing.
3. Set the interval how oftern data will be sent.
4. Check which data will be sent.
3. Pres Save button

After these steps measured data will be sent automatically every x seconds.