Reading data from TCP/IP Voltmeter.

The measured data can be read from the TCP / IP voltmeter in various ways :

  • via web browser
  • using a TCP client
  • using an SNMP client
  • reading the Status.xml file

Using web browser.

In web browser type http://mchpboard/ or enter the IP address of the TCP voltmeter. For example You can get the IP address using the Microchip Discover.exe tool, which you can find in the tools here. You can use all known web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc ...

The web browser uses Ajax technology, it means it sends every second an HTTP request to the TCP voltmeter and he send back file status.xml. Javascript in web browser parses this file and displays the measured values.

Reading data with TCP client.

The TCP voltmeter has a built-in TCP server that listens on port 9760. You can read data using a TCP client. More in chapter TCP server.

Reading data with SNMP client.

TCP voltmeter also includes SNMP agent v2. Data can also be read via SNMP protocol. More in the SNMP chapter.

Reading Status.xml file.

It is a very convenient way to read the measured data from a TCP voltmeter. This file is located at: http: //your_IP_address/status.xml. By reading this file and parsing the data from the XML structure, you can obtain the measured values with very little data transfer over the network. It is only transferred several bytes and it is a very fast and efficient way of communication.

You need to send an HTTP request to the given IP address and then read the xml file. The status.xml file looks like this for version V 1.1:

Other versions have this file similar. A simple HTTP client to read the status.xml file is here.